Chocomelher Classic


375 gm packs

24 packs per case | $120.00 per case



Malher Chocomelher Chocolate Flavored Coating is a product that you can use for just about anything that needs a layer of chocolate. It’s easy to melt, and there is a natural cocoa taste instead of an artificial flavor. When you melt the chocolate, you can dip various fruits in it, like bananas is strawberries.

Pour the Malher Chocomelher Chocolate Flavored Coating over cookies to give a delicious covering. Blend the covering with whipped cream to make a lighter consistency that you can add to a pie filling or as a cream for the inside of a cake. This is a delicious treat that is ideal for using with any occasion whether it’s holidays, anniversaries or birthday parties. If you don’t need all of the covering that you use, it can be placed in the refrigerator or freezer until it’s needed. The best way to dip fruits in the chocolate is if they are frozen as the covering will stick better.

Product of El Salvador


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